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Kangana Ranaut Contradicts Her Own Statements About Writing Emails To Hrithik Roshan


Few months back, when the entire Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan tussle was grabbing the headlines there was news about leaked emails that Kangana had written to Hrithik. In fact, Kangana had allegedly confirmed the emails that were shared between her and Hrithik. Not just that, she even claimed that Hrithik was indeed exchanging emails with her and that the CBI probe will bring the truth out. Unlike Kangana, Hrithik had maintained a dignified silence on the same and did not hit out at Kangana at any press conferences or interviews. 

On the other hand, recently Kangana, in an interview to leading daily slammed Duggu one more time. Kangana said "I felt stigmatised. I would wake up to (reports) of hideous mails, which I hadn’t written. I am a certified screenwriter from the New York Film Academy. I don’t write such crap," she told the daily.

During the Reebok Fit to Fight awards in Delhi, when Kangana was asked about her personal fight with Hrithik she had told the reporters , "I am saying this because people have seen how I have put up a strong front to fight but nobody has seen what I feel as a woman, when I am subjected to that kind of brutality. The letters that I might have written, which were brutally exposed to the world. How did I feel as a human being because every letter that you’ve written to your lover holds a lot of vulnerability? You are exposing part of your soul or yourself, not to the world but to an individual. I felt extremely naked in front of the world. I cried for nights in my room. People make fun of me. But I never answered to that brutality in the same spirit. I think that makes me see myself as a winner."

Now which letters were Kangana talking about earlier? She seems to have contracted her own statements going from 'I feel naked in front of the world' to 'I don't write such crap.' With both being your statements, we wonder which one to believe! 

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