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"Kareena Is A Pro At Motherhood" Says Karisma Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor share a great bond together. The Kapoor sisters always give us some serious #SiblingGoals. In an interview to PTI, Karisma talked about baby Taimur and many more. Karisma said,"Before I was rushing back from work for my kids and now I have another little baby to go to. It's a lot of excitement. Kareena is a pro at motherhood. She is superb."
Karisma added,"When I had my kids there was no social media, people didn't see what I was wearing. Kareena was just being herself. It was not a conscious decision to wear trendy clothes. She was wearing her personality and she was looking good." 

She further added," We gibe each other's tips, we share clothes, we share ideas, shopping ideas, what we should get and what we should do. It is really nice to have that bond, in a strange way we are so connected, but so diverse in our taste. I like the sophisticated, chic kind of looks and she likes vibrant colours and very bright and flowy things."

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