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Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Motherhood And Baby Taimur Like Never Before!


Kareena Kapoor recently, became a proud mommy to a baby boy Taimur. She is enjoying every moment with her baby. Recently, she also walked the ramp for Anita Dongre at Lakme Fashion Week. In an interview she talked about Taimur and the new phase of her life. We bring to you 9 things which we totally loved from her interview.

#She Opened Up On Motherhood:
Motherhood is going to be the best phase of my life. I am super excited. It has just been 46 days so, I don’t know about the change but yeah now your heart doesn’t beat inside you, it is outside in someone else’s body. When you look at your baby, you realise that.

#Saif Ali Khans As A Father:
He is so hand’s on because he has done it before but I feel there is an intensity with which his son looks at him, more than when he looks at me. So, there is already a bond between them. Also, Saif is a pro, he does everything, including changing the diapers. 

#How Does It Feel To Be A Mother:
Seeing your baby and holding it in your arms is the best feeling in the world. Everything in life revolves around him.

#She Also Talked About The Controversy Surrounding Tamiur's Name:
I just keep him home. That’s why he hasn’t left. But I think we live in that day and age. We are in a very social media time. The times are about social media. Everything is about a web story, everything is about Insta. Ya, so it’s okay. He is going to grow up in that time. But as long as his parents give him the right values, he should be fine.

#Her Journey From Pregnancy To Motherhood:
It has been an amazing transformation because whenever you become a mother, it obviously comes naturally to you. Everything happens organically and I think that’s exactly what’s happened with me. I was looking forward to this phase in my life. And it is the most special part of my life right now. I don’t think I have ever been or looked happier.

#Sharing Of Responsibility:
I’m lucky I have a loving and supportive husband because right now he’s looking after him (Taimur), so we share the responsibility.

#Kareena As A Mother:
It’s too soon to decide that. I am still getting to know the many shades [of me as a mother]. Give me time till the end of 2017 to figure out how I am.

#When Will Taimur Walk The Ramp?:
It’s too soon for him and he’s just too young for the next couple of years to be walking the ramp. 

#Kareena's Reaction On Priyanka's Pout Statement:
My son is the most gorgeous man this side of the equator. I take it as a compliment because yes his lips are amazing.

She is back!

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