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OMG! Tanmay Bhatt Lost More Than 110 KGs And His Journey Is Inspiring!


Comedian Tanmay Bhatt who gained popularity from All India Bakchod has been constantly criticized for his weight. Though he never shied away for being on the heavier side, his latest transformation will leave you being surprised! The comedian had gone from Fat to Fit and his journey is going to inspire you all. He has lost whooping 110+ kilos in less than 12 months. OMG!!
Tanmay's trainer Ranveer took to Instagram and shared his weight loss journey which is inspiring.

My brother @tanmaybhat lost 110+ kilos by following FITNESS SCIENCE. I've witnessed this beast transform from a walking heart attack to the chicken breast fuelled strong mofo that he is today. Everyone knows what he's accomplished. What people don't know is the science that's gone into his weight loss journey. Points to be noted :- 1)He went on a gradual caloric deficit. Cut calories VERY gradually - cut about 200/day every week. Eg.Week 1- 3000/day Week 2 - 2800/day Week 3 - 2600/day You should NEVER crash diet unless you want to lose muscle. 2)Went on a high protein diet (backed by heavy amounts of hydration). He's 6'3 and was consuming between 180-220 grams of protein every day. Overweight people can build muscle even in a caloric deficit, IF they eat a lot of protein. Burn fat + build muscle together. 3)Lifted like a beast. Deadlifts, squats, bench presses, overhead presses. Its amazing what heavy lifting can do for a human being's body. Unfortunately India still believes that weight training is unhealthy. This man is a living, breathing example of the power of weights. 4)Took up Keto in bursts. Gave him the occasional weight loss boost. Most of the time, my boy was following the above guidelines. That is all. There is no secret to burning fat. Tanmay is not satisfied with where he's at yet. Knowing how driven he is, I am sure he will achieve his end goal. I helped him with a part of his journey & now he's hustling by himself. I don't train people any more because I wanted to dedicate more time to my YouTube channel. Wanted to help more than just 6-8 people in a day. Youtube gives me that platform! The biggest advantage of living in 2017 is that your voice can reach out to every corner of the world. Fitness guidance and education should be FREE for all. The exact weight loss coaching plan that I used with Tanmay, is now live on my YouTube channel : Link in bio Written diet plan : Search for BBSummer on YouTube. The exact same diet plan that Tanmay followed to get to his goals. What is your excuse?
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