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PROUD To Introduce 1st Edition of #WeddingBytes- A Collaborative Wedding Experience


I have been working day & night (nonstop) and amidst the news of me becoming a 'MASI', I am happy to share my all new initiative called as the #WeddingBytes. Sounds familiar to Guiltybytes? Well it certainly is an extension, but an OFFLINE extension of the wedding content that we have been creating on the blog. The 'Eureka' moment has happened ever since I have started living in the beautiful city of Jammu- that's populated with Temples, foodies and most importantly shoppers from Jammu & Kashmir! I have been meaning to create some kind of experiences and workshops for Tier 2 cities that features the best designers, makeup artists and connects them to the right kind of Shoppaholics, a great (potential) audience with high propensity to spend and people who love weddings and everything related to it! Here's what my team of #Weddingbytes is doing in our first edition...

How is #WeddingBytes Not just another wedding exhibition?
#WeddingBytes collaborative experience will allow brands to do way more than showcase & engage with audiences through virtual & offline interactions. We are Introducing an array of wedding centric workshops through a curated event that features selective brand showcases (coming from across the country)

So Why Jammu?
Well, it's our first edition and I have a really HUGE social circle here to be honest. It's a beautiful city featuring shoppers from Jammu & Srinagar who REALLY do know as to how to shop for real and our road map is really extended. See the photo below to learn more...

Who all have we invited for #WeddingBytes?
An exclusive guest list including Jammu’s social circuit along with the bureaucrat families, kitty party ladies and younger generation HNIs. Target audience age ranging from early 20s to late 50s.

What all workshops have been planned?
1. We have two trousseue workshops by reputed designers in the country who will share their styling tips for the brides, the wedding guests and more.
2. We have a jewelry pairing workshop with a leading influencer who will help to pair & understand the concept of minimalism, bling & more
3. We have a makeup and beauty workshop by a very famous salon chain & it's BOSS lady with some freebies for the geuts
4. We also have a multimedia, wedding planning & trends workshop by a leading wedding planning company.

What is the date & venue for the first #WeddingBytes edition?
9th April, 2017 (save the date). We are going to be at Radisson Blu, Jammu starting 10 am- 6pm. 

Do we have an entry fee?
Nope, it's absolutely free!!

What more can you do at the #WeddingBytes event?
Firstly, JOIN our workshops (that are free of cost) and learn. Secondly, SHOP from our handpicked stalls and explore different brands under one roof and lastly EAT lip-smacking food (lunch and high tea) at Radisson Blu hotel!!!

p.s. Also take endless photos at our photo booth and participate in our dhol competitions 

Who all can participate as a vendor or buy a stall?
Interested to be a part of the #Weddingbytes event? Then you too can buy a stall and showcase & sell with us. To get all the details on stall pricing please email on or drop a comment with your email ID and we will get back to you :)

Want to come on board to host a workshop?
You too can host a fashion/jewelry/makeup/accessories/photography workshop with us and engage with your potential audience and customer base (also collect customer data) at our event. please email on or drop a comment with your email ID and we will get back to you :)

From onsite product showcase to a great deal of offline & online promotions (our blog, wedding websites, new paper & radio) we are going to cover it all. But most importantly, we intend to make endless memories and provide a platform for women in your city to have a good time and explore newer avenues including #WeddingBytes.

For press and sponsor queries please write to :) 

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