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Valentines Date Night Look With Casio


Not sure what dress to wear on your Valentines this year, especially when he wants to take you on a "surprise" dinner date? I decided to team up with Casio Sheen to create an outfit that isn’t about all your LBDs or dresses at all and will still make you feel the right kind of sexy and confident all night long! Ladies, after all that wedding shopping I have realized that investing in statement timepieces is the best bet and will ensure that you get noticed on all special occasions. 

The usual dress style is a passé for me and I now opt for ensembles that are on-trend but offer great comfort at the same time. The red lace tunic does add some sultriness for an occasion like Valentines, while a pair of well-fitted bottoms aids the required silhouette. This look has a single hero- my rose gold Casio Sheen. It comes with an inspiring face design that has a brilliant luster and an effortless vintage vibe. Love it for it’s a grab & go accessory for a perfect evening, don’t you agree?

When I wear a beautiful watch with a red coloured outfit, I know that beautiful things are bound to happen. More than dressing up, it really is important to make memories, feel confident and celebrate what you have with your significant other this Valentines. Don’t worry too much about your makeup touch-up or the length of your heels, instead pick yourself accessories that don’t just have a functional use but look good with your outfit. 

A chich ensemble like this is an absolute winner for you and this watch just makes for a GREAT style testimony. 

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  1. This is such a beautiful outfit. Red is definitely your colour! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day this year :)

  2. I found your website while commenting on another watch/fashion blog. The write up is succinct while the images crisp. My attention was mostly on the watch as I own a portal that sells affordable timepieces. Best!

  3. That's cool gift would be for girlfriend. I also gave a gift to my girlfriend but she left me alone with some one and i got expensive gift from Decathlon which gave me free shipping when i utilize decathlon coupons