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You Can't Miss These 5 Hilarious Moments From Kangana Ranaut And Saif Ali Khan's 'Koffee With Karan' Episode!


Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan graced the couch on 'Koffee With Karan' to promote their upcoming film 'Rangoon'. This was Kangana’s debut on Karan Johar’s show and she proved that she is quite the firebrand with her fiery responses. 

#1. When Kangana Regretted Some Life Choices:
When Karan Asked her,"Have you ever kissed someone and regretted it"? On this, Kangna had two Koffee shots.

#2. When Dangal's Box Office Collection Surprised Her:
Karan: Every time, a director gives a really big hit, something really works me up within.
Kangana: Yeah.. Like Dangal make so much money. So much money, Like 700 crores or something! 

#3. When Saif was confused that why he was on couch:
Kangana said, "In my biopic, if it's ever made, you'll be the stereotypical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders. Flag bearer of nepotism. The movie mafia".
On this Saif said,"I don't even know why I'm here".

#4. When Saif was the chillest about working with his wife’s ex:
Karan:" Did you and Shahid ever have a weird moment considering you have Kareena in common in history and life"?
Saif: " I do love history, but this is even older than medieval". 

#5. When Karan asked to Saif,"What's the first thing that attracts you in a woman"?
He said,"Her eyes", "Her Ass" (Whispers)

This was one of the best episode we have seen in this season. 

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