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7 Ideas On What To Wear On Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot & Make It A Happy Day!



Pre-wedding photography is the latest hit among young couples, who want to celebrate the love. It's another most important event from their pre-wedding functions. They spend hours and weeks in search of the best photographer and beautiful locations, but they forget the most important details - selecting the right outfit. Well, yes figuring out what to wear is as hard as finding the location. But it's important as it can make or break your whole shoot. So, scroll down as we help you find the right outfits for your pre-wedding shoot. 

#1 Flowy dresses!
Instead of sticking to bodycon dresses or shots, we advice you to opt for flowy dresses or maxi skirts as it looks great in pictures, or you can even add dupatta suit that catches the wind and shows your lustrous side. 

#2 Classy & Timeless!
Remember, don't just go with what's in trend right now, rather opt for outfits that are timeless and classy, a black gown can never go out of fashion. Your pre-wedding photography is all about you and your partner, location is just the backdrop. So, make sure your clothes describe you as a person. And when you show it to your kids, they appreciate it not shy away from what you wore.

#3 Coordination is Must!
Do not forget to get coordinated when it comes to selecting outfit for your photo shoot. We aren't saying go all matching-matching, as it will ruin the pictures, but rather opt for coordinated clothes. If you are wearing pastel, ask him to wear something  that matches the colour, and soothes the eyes as well. 

#4 Add colours!
Don't keep your pictures boring with just adding single colours, rather try and keep it colourful. Nothing looks more beautiful then a colourful picture. If you are wearing all white or black try and keep the backdrop colourful. 

#5 Don't opt for big patterns!
We advise you not to go  to overboard with colours and big patterns, rather go for solid colours and simple patterns as they are easy to photograph and looks amazing in pictures. Big patterns and lot of colour in your outfit can be distracting and can create noise in your pictures..

#6 Take advise from the photographer!
Believe us, a good photographer can help you find the right clothes for your pre-wedding shoot. So, do discuss with him what you are planning to wear as they can help you mix and match your outfit with the backdrops.

#7 Pick clothes according to the venue!
Remember not to wear anything that looks awkward according to the venue. Opt for clothes that compliments the background. 

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