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"Akansha Should First Ask The Frog, If It WIll Date Her" Manveer Gurjar Hits Back At Akansha Sharma!


Recently, There were rumors doing the rounds that ex Bigg Boss contestant Manveer Gujjar amd Akanksha Sharma are dating each other. But, Akanksha denied the news and in an interview to Spotboye she said,"I don’t know why I got linked up to him after I met him at a party, a few days ago. Yes, we all had a blast on that day- but I certainly haven’t had a scene with Manveer. How can I date him? I would date a frog but not Manveer. I wouldn’t date him even if he was the last man on earth."
She also said that she doesn't get good vibes from him. 

After this, Manveer went Facebook live and said,"It’s great if Akansha feels like dating an animal. She said that she would rather date a frog than me, but she should first ask the frog, if it will date her. If the frog responds with yes, then she too has fans." 
Clearly, things are getting ugly between them! 

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