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Bipasha Refused To Walk The Ramp Last Minute, Show Organizers Claimed She Used The Money For Honeymoon!


Recently, at the India Pakistan London Fashion Show fashion show, Bipasha Basu refused to walked the ramp at the last minute, even after taking the advance. Ronita Sharma Rekhi, who was the official talent scout of the show, told Mumbai Mirror, "Bipasha wanted her husband Karan to fly out to London with her and her stay be extended to five nights. We had already booked rooms at Mayfair but since there were no rooms available after she extended her stay, we shifted her to the Montcalm Hotel, another five-star property which cost us 600 pounds per night. All her requirements were taken care of and an advance fee was paid. Within minutes of landing in London, we handed her two local SIM cards which she literally threw back on my face because it only had a five pound recharge. There were around 20 people watching us, including the chauffeurs. The tantrums got worse once Bipasha reached the hotel." 

She also took to Facebook and wrote,"I then go to her and beg her request her but she doesn't open the door. I messaged her asking for apologies n forgiveness not because I was wrong but because I thought it will turn this heartless person into a human but she blocked me. By now my designers have come make up artist has come waiting for her but she has not opened her door still and stopped all communication... Now after waiting four hours for her she doesn't open her door and I had to send d designers, make up artist back coz they had to work for the event and as as we say the show must go on!!! Our artist never opened the dooor leaving all of us helpless even after doing everything she wanted (sic)." 

"The total loss suffered by the show organizers because of Bipasha amounts to 7800 pounds, apart from the travel expenses paid to her in cash at the airport. Bipasha used this as 'honeymoon money' but we will fight this till the end. We are going to apply to the visa and immigration centre to debar her from working in the UK in future."

Bipasha responded on these allegations and took to Twitter and said:

Ronita hits back again and said,"I don't know how you survived 15 years but in my eyes you could not survive 15 min even as a Human!! (sic)"

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