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Mother Sofia Hayat Got Engaged To Cosmic Father!


Ex Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat who was in news last year, by turning into a nun, is now engaged. She took to Instagram to announce this news and wrote,"Intimate dinner at Sketch to celebrate our engagement in the private room in the Lecture room restaurant....they made us a congratulations cake..spreading the love." 
She also posted her photo where she is flaunting her engagement ring. 
Check Out Few Photos:

Our wedding rings from the Love collection Cartier. They have a circle on them with a line in the middle showing the 2 halves of a whole. He is me and I am him. He is so beautiful! I fell in love because he is a true gentleman. He opens the door before I walk in, kisses my forehead in the morning, pulls out my chair at dinner, surprises me every day, knows what makes me smile, kisses me in a way that makes me forget time and all things of matter. He is a true Gentlemen. He rememberes the smallest things. He is not rich in the material sense. He does not own a house, or a car, but he owns my heart. He is rich in gentleness, kindness and Unconditional love. That makes him the richest man in the World to me. His qualities are simply beyond most peoples riches. I am so greatful and humbled by his love. He is a humble man and I have surrendered to his Unconditional love in all my vulnerability.
A post shared by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on

A post shared by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) on

Well, What are your thoughts on her engagement? 

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