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Shaleen Bhanot Opens Up On His Relationship With Ex Wife Dalljiet Kaur Like Never Before!


Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot have always been in news but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. She filed the case against her husband for physically abusing her. They both got married in 2009, and after six years of marriage Dalljiet filed for a domestic violence case against her husband and in-laws and she also left the house with her son to live with her parents. 
In a recent interview to Pinkvilla, Shaleen talked about his relationship with Dalljiet like never before. He said,"I am in a happy space right now. I meet my son almost every day and that just keeps me so happy. I get to play with him, enjoy with him. So I am extremely elated." He also opened up on his equation with his ex wife Dalljiet:
"Oh we are on good terms and are great friends. They are my family irrespective of whatever happened and it's my duty to keep them happy. During the wedding, I had promised Dalljiet that I will give her whatever she wants. And I have been following that. She wanted a marriage, I gave her that, she wanted to separate, I gave her that too. We don't have any negativity or bitterness amongst us and both make sure that it never affects our son. Oh No! When you learn to ride a cycle, you fall and do hurt yourself, but you don't give up on it. Rather you get up and brace yourself for yet another try. That's exactly what is happening with me. Yes, I am dating (pauses), before you think anything else, let me tell you, I am dating my son, I am in a strong relationship with him (laughs). I am getting to explore myself as a father and be with him."

It's good that they are sharing mutual bond! 

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