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This Popular TV Actress Files A Police Complaint On Restaurant Owner For Assault!


TV actress Aanchal Khurana has filed a police complaint against a restaurant owner in Delhi. The incident took place on Saturday evening, when she visited a restaurant with her cousins in Rajendra Nagar. She said,"I was shocked when they told me that they had lost my card. I told the owner that they should be careful and that seemed to have hurt his ego. He, his younger brother and some bouncers followed us out and started arguing. When one of them abused me, my brother intervened and reprimanded him, holding him by his collar for misbehaving with a woman. He and his men then started hitting us. My cousin fell down on her face and sustained deep bruises. When I dialled 100, they fled from the scene. They are now claiming that they were rushed to the hospital after being hit brutally by us!"

The restaurant owner said,"Aanchal is a dear friend and we have partied together on several occasions. I can't fathom why she has blown the incident out of proportion. In fact, she and her brother were dancing on the table and the bouncer politely requested them to step down. We did misplace the card, which was a genuine error. She called me outside and I told her to end the matter. I have been in this business since over a decade and can't think of hitting a woman. The CCTV footage clearly shows that nobody was hit. Let the law take its course."
We have to wait for the whole matter! 

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