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“Trishala Wanted To Be An Actress And I Wanted To Break Her Legs” Sanjay Dutt!


Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala is a forensic scientist and lives in US. In a recent interview to HT, he said that his daughter has always wanted to become an actress but he always wanted her to make a career in forensic science. He said,"I’ve invested a lot of time and energy to put her in a good college and she has done very well. She has specialised in forensic science... And I think that’s the great thing to do." 
He also added,"Even if she wants to join the industry, she has to learn Hindi because American (English) will not work here. It is not easy to be an actor. It looks easy but it is quite difficult.”
He further added,"Yes, there are similarities but Trishala wanted to be an actress and I wanted to break her legs, which I’m not doing here!"

What are your thoughts?

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