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5 Real & Easy Tips To Make Your Monday Morning Better!


If 3 cups of coffee isn't really working for you, then here are some tips (tried and tested ones) to help you get through Monday and how to be more productive at work. Even though I am working from home, I struggle with the whole discipline aspect of it and getting myself to my work station (YES, it's a very Monday kind of Psychology) even if I don't have to adhere to a biometric system or a 9 am deadline.  Having said that, here are some simple yet very effective ways on how you can TACKLE you first day of the week and end on a happy note, maybe?!

1. EAT
No matter what is the time, grab yourelf an early/late breakfast as applicable in your case right now. Pick up the phone or look up on Zomato for some great breakfast options nearby and ORDER right away.

2. Make someone's day
Compliment (maybe nt your team lead) but a junior or or co-worker on her new bag, nails, hair. Incase you can't find any newness in them, then simply comment how nicely their workstation is kept and looks like. You can even do a random act of kindness for an office boy, It will make you feel nice, and it will make them feel nicer.

3. Don't just drink extra coffee but treat yourself too
I simply mean to tell you that you can totally dig into a Subway chocolate chip cookie along with your coffee. Incase you don't have a Sub around you then pick a pack of nice biscuit/cookies from your office canteen and treat yourself before you get overwhelmed with your Monday morning emails.

4. Shop for a new laptop/phone accessory
Okay, even before you begin to reply to your good-bad-ugly emails, indulge yourself in some online retail therapy. You can look at decorating your laptop, your phone or your workstation. Bring in a small plant that you look forward to watering every day or if that's just not your cup of tea then perhaps buy a colourful new laptop sleeve. Amazon and Flipkart have some great deals too ;)

5. Everyone around you is feeling just the same
NO, seriously you aren't the only one! Most people complain about Mondays so you have alot of company already.  A study found that the average person doesn’t even smile until 11:16 a.m. on a Monday.

You can also try your luck this Monday and enter my giveaway on Instagram- Here. Who knows you may just get lucky today. Have a great week ya'all :)

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