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Beauty Blender VS Stippling Brush Vs Foundation Brush- Which Is Better For Foundation?


All makeup junkies and beginners have faced this dilemma, isn't it? When I started doing makeup the only thing I ever purchased was a foundation brush which was a flat looking brush. I used it for years and still do until I upgraded myself to a beauty blender and then stippling brush. It's funny but now I use a combination of Stippling Brush and then finally use a wet beauty blender to get the face coverage right!

How I Use A Flat Brush Foundation Brush For Coverage

Flat foundation brush is perfect for someone whenever I need really heavy coverage. A flat foundation brush is as simple as a flat spatula that will spread the product on our face just how you'd put butter on your bread. The flat brush works best when I use liquid foundations. The flat brush may not necessarily give you a very blended look but gets my vote for dramatic wedding makeup. Flat brush was the first tool that I ever used for my makeup foundation and now I used it very less depending on the occasions. A lot of YouTubers still use it for it gives a very camera friendly coverage. 

How I Use A Beauty Blender For Foundation Coverage

A beauty blender is my favorite foundation tool and I am biased towards the same come what may! I use a YBP Cosmetics beauty blender and it works almost similar to a stippling brush as the application stokes are very similar to it. The beauty blender giver a sheer coverage and your face looks a lot more natural since the sponge absorbs the excess product. No matter how much you are in hurry, use a beauty sponge/blender when its wet. Bounce the sponge on your face slowly and swiftly until you get the desired result. 

How I Use A Stippling brush for Foundation Coverage

Stippling brush is the tool that gives you party makeup look. With fine fibre near the brush top, the foundation blends seamlessly. My foundation makeup looks natural and air-brushed when I use the Real Techniques stippling brush. As for the coverage it gives a medium coverage. For beginners who are only using liquid foundation, stippling brush is a great bet. It's faster to blend makeup using stippling brush than a beauty blender. 

My final pro tip is that you can opt for a combination of stippling brush and beauty blender for a daily coverage. Use stippling brush to blend the foundation and follow up by dabbing a web beauty blender for a fine finish.

When you are on the go, then you can simply use a beauty blender or stippling brush to do the trick.

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