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Find Out The Reason Why Sushant Singh Rajput Lashes Out At Senior Journalist!


Recently, Sushant Singh Rajpu attended the trailer launch of Raabta. In the event, he was asked by a journalist to give two cents about his thoughts on the ongoing altercation between India and Pakistan over Kulbhushan Singh Jadhav. He denied to comment on this issue. He said,"I Think, somebody should not give his or her opinion, If he or she is not really well informed about the topic. Because it's a sensitive thing.. To say yes Condemn or no condemn, one needs to be responsible enough to know the facts related to it. "

On this the journalist followed up by claiming it to be an issue of national interest that every Indian should be aware off, Sushant got even more furious on her and ignored het completely.
Uh Oh!! 

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