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Find Out What Kajol Said When Asked About Visiting Karan Johar’s Twins Yash And Roohi!


Kajol and Karan Johar's friendship is over on a uglier note. Karan also opened up his equation with Kajol in his book An Unsuitable Boy. He said,"It’s over. And she can never come back to my life. I don’t think she wants to either. I never want to have anything to do with them as a unit. She was the one who mattered to me but now it’s over. […] I wouldn’t like to give a piece of myself to her at all because she’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for twenty-five years."
Recently, Karan graced the parenthood and became the father of two kids Yash and Roohi. In an interview when Kajol was asked, she said,"I am not answering any questions on that particular topic."

Uh Oh! 

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