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Girls! This Brand Will Make You Fall In Love With Sarees All Over Again!


Are you one of those modern girls who always try and find a way to ditch the Indianwear, because of the maybe unflattering take. Well, we just stumbled upon a Mumbai-based designer brand whose Indian wear clothes are as fresh as lilly and perfect for Summer weddings. The reason why we loved the brand 'Suta' is because they had combined the age old weaving traditions with the modern silhouettes and designs. 

Know more about the brand:
The brand has a great collection of not just sarees but also suits, skirts and dresses too, but their Indian wear is what that makes everyone fall for them.Their multicoloured blouses are beautiful and a great take on the latest combine the colour trend, and also they include all the latest styles like frills and halters too. They have everything from perfect pinks to pretty mint blues that make us go weak in the knees.
The best part about this is that the starting price of these beauties are from Rs.1,200!

Scroll down to know 10 pieces we loved from their collection!

#1 The Frill love!

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#2 The mint blue that you can drape easily!

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#3 The handloom love

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#4 The glitter kurta

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#5 The ikat love

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#6 The big red flower!

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#7 The lehenga set!

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#8 The Pom-pom saree detailing1

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You can connect with them Here!

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