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Shaleen Bhanot Talks About Getting Back Together With Ex Wife Dalljiet Kaur!


Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot have always been in news but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. She filed the case against her husband for physically abusing her. They both got married in 2009, and after six years of marriage Dalljiet filed for a domestic violence case against her husband and in-laws and she also left the house with her son to live with her parents. 
Recently, in an interview to TOI, Shaleen opened up on his relationship with Dalijiet like never before.. "All is cool between Daljeet and me. It’s all done and over with. Daljeet is a lovely human being and I will always be grateful to her for being a part of my life. We have shared some beautiful moments together and made beautiful memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life. And then of course we have Jaydon who is the most important part of our lives. I blasted people when they recently trolled her on Twitter. Nobody has a right to disrespect my family. She is and will always remain a part of my family.”

He added,"There’s no chance of us getting back together. Why? She is happy where she is and I am happy in my place. You know, there was a post that I had put up on Facebook, which incidentally was the day we were to sign our divorce papers. It was `What’s the power of a signature’. And I firmly believe in that. It’s me, inside. She will always remain a part of my life. No signature breaks or joins people. Once things happen you move ahead and we both have moved on. Our son, though will always keep us together.”

He also opened up on fatherhood,"I have a blast with him. He’s with both Daljeet and me, but majorly with Daljeet as I have to keep travelling because of work. So he can’t be with me and he needs a mother more than a father. But yes, whenever I am in Mumbai, he is with me. I call Daljeet and I’m like `Jaydon kahan hai?’ And then she comes to pick me up and together we go and together we go and pick him up from school. So it’s lovely being a father in real life and on screen too." 

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