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3 Products You Must Definitely Try From Juicy Chemistry


Juicy Chemistry is a beautiful brand for organic products.They offer freshly handcrafted skin care products using the finest and the most concentrated nutrients that nature has to offer.Juicy Chemistry only uses ingredients that are pure, organic, natural, that work together to create various blends and combinations that help to heal and renew skin cells giving a fresh youthful appearance.

Juicy Chemistry's Motti is: Natural skin equals to beautiful skin.Using 100 percent natural products, each product is developed with a lot of care and love.

Here are3  Recommended Products from this brand:

 1.Rice Flour -Orange and Green Tea Face Scrub.This product is priced at INR 275, ageingIt's an amazing product that fights acne, clears pores, detoxifies irritated skin and also prevents premature aging.The scrub has an amazingly fresh and natural fragrance.It's a perfect exfoliant for daily use.

2.De-toxication (French Green clay and Chamomile Face and Body Mud Wrap ): It's a superb product that helps in Detoxing the oils, toxins, and impurities from the surface of your skin.It definitely helps in cleansing the face from within and helps maintain a youthful glow.This one is priced at INR600.

3.Cell Construction Serum: This definitely has to be the best product by Juicy Chemistry.It's my holy grail product.It retails for INR300.It reverses the "collateral damage"  done to the skin and the product helps in removing the scars,acne marks and hyperpigmentation .The product when used used regularly can give amazing results and the best time to use it is in the night time before you hit the sack , also the fragrance is super nice .Big Thumbs to this serum .

Definitely have a look at their site :

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