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5 Things You Should Never Apply On Face!


Your face is very sensitive area. You need to take care of what you are applying on it. It can be very damaged so you could never clean it. Here are 5 things that you should never ever apply on face:

Another bathroom cabinet “quick fix” that does more harm than good, toothpaste is full of ingredients that are drying and irritating, if not outright harmful, to skin. It will dry out a zit, that much is true, but it’ll also zap healthy moisture from the surrounding areas and has the potential to chemically burn the skin, leaving dark scars that you won’t be able to fix with anything you can find in your kitchen. Turn to a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or even a dab of tea tree oil, instead.

Your face and hair are made of various molecules. Your face needs one cleanser made of plenty milder stuff while your hair requires strong surfactants to get rid of the oil and dirt as well. Shampoos cannot cope with the delicate molecules constituting your facial skin. The shampoo will end up looking dry and flaky if you use it to wash your face. When washing your hair, ensure the shampoo doesn’t touch your face.

Hot Water
Moisture is an essential step for the skin, but using hot water will lead to eliminating that moisture from it. General speaking, hot showers can eliminate the protective layers and also will soften natural oils, leading to the dry and patchy skin as well. 

Body Lotion
You’ve finished your daily moisturizer and now you don’t have what to put on your complexion before you apply a makeup? Body lotion is surely not a solution for your problem, because it usually contains fragrance which can irritate your face skin! Just stay away from this cosmetic!

Rubbing Alcohol
This is the same like hydrogen peroxide, it is used for disinfection of the wounds but you can’t use it on your face. It will make an inflammation and infection. You need to get this on your mind and never apply on your face in order to get calming effect

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