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5 Ways To Get Soft And Rosy Lips!


All the women aspire to get those soft rosy lips as it adds a natural beauty to the overall appearance. Many of us, who are born with soft pink lips, end up with dark lips with age. While you have the hormones to blame to some extent for darkening of the lips, your daily habits might actually be the primary cause behind it.

Milk and Rose Petals

You should bear in mind that another simple procedure towards lightening shady, tedious lips as well as make a good-looking pink color is by means of having used rose petals.  You can mash up the petals and amalgamate it with a little quantity of milk cream. If you use this home remedy to your lips on a regular basis, you will definitely start to watch them becoming redder as well as fuller. Don’t forget the great thing about this remedy is that there are of course no side effect.

Natural Sugar

Sugar granules have a property to exfoliate skin hence removing dead cells that are naturally dark. To use this method of dark lip treatment, take two spoon full of granulated sugar and add little water to result with a thick paste.

Honey and Olive Oil

Take few half tea spoon of olive add a few drops of natural honey. Mix well and apply this paste on lips, let it res for 10-15 minutes and wash off with fresh water. this will moisturize your lips and will make it smooth.

Curd and Aloe Vera

To get rid of the black stains and spots on the lips and to make your lips pink, nourishment is important. You can prepare a nourishing pack with curd and Aloe Vera for pink lips. Collect the Aloe Vera pulp from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf. Add 1 spoon of curd with 1 spoon of the smashed and strained Aloe Vera juice. Mix the two well and massage your lips with this mixture for 5-6 minutes. Leave on for another 10 minutes and then wash off with water.

Glycerin and Lemon

To get rid of cracked lips you can easily prepare glycerin and lemon  moisturizer at home. Glycerin will help in exfoliating the lips, while the lemon will provide nourishment making your lips soft and rosy.Take 2 drops of lemon  add 1/2 spoon glycerin in this  and use the resulting mixture for moisturizing  your lips. 

Your lips are extremely sensitive to everything. Exposing yourself to the sun and pollution, not drinking enough water, consuming too much caffeine, and smoking can lead to dry and dark lips . So, follow the above mentioned natural tips for rosy lips!!

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