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Best & Affordable Contouring Products Available In India !


It's really not necessary to spend a bomb on makeup products.A lot of brands have come up with affordable products with really good quality.It's not easy to find a nice contouring product which especially does its job well and is budget friendly.
Today am Listing down 4 products that are super good for contouring and obviously easy on the pockets!

1. Maybelline V-face Duo Stick: This is a new product launched by Maybelline, It retails for INR520. It's has a highlighter at one end and contouring at the other end.It performs well when it comes to highlighting and contouring both.It has a very creamy texture and very easily blends into the skin.It has a decent pigment and works best for medium contouring.

2.Sivanna Bronzer Trio:  Thus product by Sivanna Colors is a very nice trio which includes a highlighter, contour shade, and a bronzer.It comes in about 4 shades and is highly pigmented.You'll get a perfect contour with this one.It has a powdery texture and blends well into the skin.This one retails for INR310.

3.Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit: This one retails for INR450.It's a very good quality product by makeup revolution, It gives a beautiful finish as well.I really like the pigment it has as well.This one is one of my favorite products for contouring.

4.Me Now 15 Colors Contour Kit: I'm sure you all have come across such palettes on amazon or Flipkart. I ordered this one from amazon and was pretty amazed by the product. It's a cream contour palette with a variety of shades to choose from.Its a nicely pigmented product and blends absolutely well.Some shades can even be used as correctors.I really liked this product and is definitely a great buy.It retails for INR300 and you can buy this from

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