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Brides! Don't Have Any Sister, Simply Call In Your Brothers As Brodsmaid Is Officially A Thing Now!



Not many of us are blessed with sisters and lot of girl friends. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying on our big day, we just need to simply call in the bros in our life to have all the fun. Remember last week we shared a bridesmaid shoot with bros (check it out Here), well now it's official thing in India too. Brides are calling in their brothers to help them out and get ready for the big day of her life.

#1 We stumbled upon this pretty wedding where brother of the bride is helping her sister get her kaleera right.

#2 You can click pretty selfies with the Bro Squad!

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#3 This cute shot with brother getting her sister ready for the big day!

#4 There is no one other than the brother who can keep you safe, secure and always ready to break the head of those who hurt you!

#5 He is always there guiding your every step!

So, go on and call in your bro squad!

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