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Do Feelings Make Us Fat?Here Are 4 Feelings That Can Make You Put On Weight!


Feelings play an important role1 in controlling our body... For eg: if you are lazy you wont do the thing that you should or you want to. Feelings influence a complex series of hormones that course through your brain and body constantly. Our bodies reflect our emotional state--our hearts pound when we’re afraid, our blood pressure soars when we’re angry, our stomachs churn when we’re feeling guilty.


When you have chronic stress, your body steps up its production of cortisol and insulin. Your appetite increases, and so do the chances you’ll engage in “hedonistic” eating in the form of high-calorie sweets and fats. When you try to combat stress with food, you activate the reward center of your brain. After that initial feel-good spell wears off, you’ll reach again for the same thing that made you feel good, calm, and relaxed in the first place: more food.


Putting on weight could be a hidden side-effect of loneliness, research suggests Any bad mood can lead us to try to comfort ourselves with food, and loneliness is about as bad a feeling as you can have. But the link between loneliness and weight gain is more substantial than that. In a survey it was found out who feel lonely experience greater circulating levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin after they eat, causing them to feel hungrier sooner.

Happily Wedded:

It is a proven fact tgat wlmen and women tend to gain weight after marriage. Research says because of the increased opportunities for eating due to shared, regular meals and larger portion sizes, as well as “decreased physical activity and a decline in weight maintenance for the purpose of attracting an intimate partner.” leads to weight gain like never before.


When you’re bored you actually lose your ability to make smart food choices; you become an “emotional eater". And boredom turns you into the worse kind of emotional eater, because you not only make the wrong food choices, you eat much more of those fattening foods than you normally would. Unfortunately for us, “Because I’m Bored” is one of the top reasons people give when they’re asked about their emotions before they eat.

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