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From workdays to weddings !! 4 Kinds of Bag Every Woman Should Own!!


It is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment.From workdays to weddings, every event in a woman’s life seems to require a specific type of handbag.

And while many women love to switch out their purse for each occasion, others prefer having just a few basics on hand to get them through their busy schedules. The great news is, you don’t need a lot of handbags to look stylish while staying practical and comfortable.

Here are the four basic styles of purses that will ensure a woman is ready for any occasion that comes her way:

1. A Cross Body Bag: 

These are hugely popular right now as Sling Bags and are great for a number of reasons. They’re often a medium size, which allows you to carry your essentials without hefting around a giant purse, the style is easily dressed up or worn very casually.Every woman needs at least one cross-body satchel-style bag that can take her from errand to errand while staying comfortable, lightweight and hands-free.

Best for outings, movies and shoppings.

2. A Tote Bag: 


This is a large rectangular handbag with two straps and an open top. Arguably one of the most stylish handbags this season, the medium to large sized handbag is great for: brunch with the girls.Choose one in a neutral color that will go well with any of your work outfits, or pick a brightly colored or patterned tote to make more of a statement.

Best for office and day-to-day use.

3. A Clutch : 


While not as practical for on-the-go women during the day as a purse with a shoulder strap, clutches are useful to have on hand for more formal evening events, like work functions or weddings.The minimalist purse is just the right size for your phone, money and some extra makeup.Clutches are a style of bag that I never understood until a few years ago, but honestly they are an essential.

Best for weddings, nice dinners and with any kind of formal dress.

4. An Oversized Bag:


The oversized bag is my go-to bag that I use all day-every day, fits everything, and is easy to carry. This size of bag is great for traveling, great for moms with kids, great for working women — basically, it’s an essential for every woman no matter her life stage.Their versatility makes them excellent for women who have multiple things going on each day.

Best for grocery store, the park, the doctor’s office — you name it.

Do You Have All These? Go Check!!

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