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Scared Of Smudging Your Eyes? Don't Worry & Check Out These 3 Long Lasting Eye Liners For Brides-To-Be!


Being a bride is a big task. You need to make everything look perfect and on point from heels to the mangtikka on your head. But there is one emotion that we cannot control, the thought of leaving our parents and setting up new life, makes us feel dizzy. And because of this or more reason our makeup tends to smudge. For a bride-to-be it's a big fear of smudging their eye makeup and they cannot run to the makeup artist at every hours. So, we advise you to trust your own makeup product specially eyeliners. Scroll down to know best long lasting eyeliners for brides-to-be.

#1 Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner No. 77
This one eyeliner is perfect if you require smooth finish with high pigmentation. This provides perfect coverage after just one application. Also, the creamy textures dries faster leaving the best results.
Price: Rs.950
#2 Guerlain Eyeliners
This eyeliner is  recommended by professionals and is a waterproof gel liner that stays on for really really long. They are perfect for the pretty brides.
Price: Rs.4,658
#3 Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner
The reason why we are suggesting this one liner for the brides-to-be is because they are easy to glide and leaves a beautiful impact on the eyes. It's made specially for the bride's eyes.
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  1. Never tried any of these, thanks for the reviews.