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Summer Care -Say Goodbye To Tanned and Shabby Feet !!


We tend to care for our hair, hands, and face, but seem to forget about our feet all too often. It shouldn’t be that way. They are your support and have to be the first to be cared for and pampered. They are also the most to be affected by walking, wearing tight shoes, walking barefoot, doing exercise, etc.  

Everyone wants to have beautiful feet, especially during the warmer months, when flip flops and sandals are our only go-to footwear. Here are few tips to get your happy feet game on point: 

Honey and Lemon

Fill a giant bucket or bowl with hot water and add to it ½ cup of honey to moisturise, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar for its antibacterial goodness and lemon, because it smells nice and gets rid of dead skin. Pick up your favourite book and sink in!

Potato Juice

Potato juice is a skin bleaching agent also helps to reduce pigmentation. You can rub a potato slice on the effected area, retain it for sometime and wash off with fresh water.


Glycerin has a deeply moisturizing action that makes it very effective in getting rid of feet dryness. It is especially good for cracked feet. To use glycerin to make feet soft,

Mix glycerin and freshly squeezed lemon juice teaspoon glycerin to 1 teaspoon lemon juice.Apply the mixture on your feet and allow it to stay on for 20 minutesRinse it off with water.Repeat this home remedy once daily for a couple weeks and those rough heels will be a thing of the past.


This face scrub can be your go to and simple remedy for sun tan removal from the face and body.. You will need to take tomato and some sugar. Pour the fine sugar on the tomato and start exfoliating your face with this amazing natural scrub.  It will slough off dead skin to uncover glowing smoother skin. You will get fairer skin which is an added bonus.

Happy Feet!!

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