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4 Ways In Which You Can Reverse The Summer Skin Damage !


Every year Summer Feels Hotter than ever.Strong sun isn't good for our skin and hair at all.The humidity outside adds on to the damage we might experience because of the summer weather.
If you want to fight the summer damage that happens in your skin and these 4 amazing tips will definitely help you out! 
  • Add rose water to your skin care regime to keep your skin and hair healthy.In summers rose water keeps your skin and hair cool and works greatly as well.It also has oil control properties that helps to keep your face matte for a long time. Rose water also adds that nourishment required to keep the hair fresh and hydrated.
  • Being acidic in nature,apple cider vinegar keeps your pores clean and helps them unclog as well, Apple cider vinegar will also maintain the pH value required in the hair so that you don't have dandruff. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner and also use it as a last hair rinse with scalp massage .
  • Cucumber can do wonders to your skin and hair in summers.It's so rich in many aspects that are perfect to get a healthy skin.You should cut out some cucumber slices and rub them nicely all over your face and let it be there for few minutes ,this can be done everyday as well to get rid of heat in the skin,pore problems,tanning.
  • Aloe Vera gel has anti-bacterial properties and also anti-fungal properties.It's anti-inflammatory properties help cure Sun Burn , tanning and scalp inflammation. Use aloe vera on your scalp nicely massage it and then wash it off with your shampoo.For face you can mix aloe vera , honey and curd to calm down the skin after sun exposure.

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