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Delhi Brides! Check Out This Lifesaver Blouse Market For All Your Designer Blouse Needs!


At #Wedstreetsyle we constantly put effort in finding the city's hidden gem specially for our brides-to-be and their families, to make their wedding journey a fun and easy one. We know how difficult it is to get your wedding trousseau ready. Finding the right fabric for your pretty saree blouse, and leaving it in the hands of somewhat  trustworthy tailor and asking  them every  two days whether the blouse is ready or not. We all can relate to it. And to make your life easy, we bring you city's hidden gem, a market that sells a wide range of readymade blouses. 
GK 1's chic M Block market have an array of tailors who specializes in ready made blouses to make the designer in you smile big. So, to make your work easy we had picked 4 tailors of GK Market you can trust for your ready made blouse need.

#1 Buttons & Bows!
Just like the name Button and Bows have cutest blouses in the city from raw silks, brocades to embroidered ones. Prices range from a reasonable Rs 900 to a  Rs 8,000, so there’s a whole range of blouse bliss for you. They have a few standard sizes always available, or of course, customization can be done at a short notice as well.
#2 Roshan Tailor!
It's one of the oldest shop, that specializes in every colour and design blouse. It's your one stop shop solution for all your blouse needs.Their prices start from Rs. 1,000 and can go upto Rs. 4,500, depending upon the fabric and quality. They even have a website listing all their designs. Check it out Here.
#3 Libas Tailor!
They have hundreds of option for your designer blouse needs and their price range from 800-900 Rupees and can go up to five or six times that amount. They specialized in both traditional and trendy blouses that catches your eyes and makes your heart stop for a while..
#4  Eve's Tailor!
It's another pretty shop that have a quite large number of loyalist. They can make your every dream turn into reality from pretty designer cape blouses to sexy backless ones. Also, they have a thick catalog to choose your pick from. 
Well, this blouse wali galli will always serve to your rescue! 

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