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Easy & Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dry ,Flaky Skin !


Dry skin always seems Thirsty, sometimes it can even get Itchy and irritated and becomes flaky which can be very uncomfortable.
 Here are few methods that would help you keep your skin hydrated flake free!

  • Use Olive Oil as your Daily Moisturizer.Nicely massage your skin with it and do this at least once a day probably before you hit the bed.This would give great hydration that your skin would need.
  • Use a Honey & Milk Mask , this is a super amazing mask for dry skin beauties as both the ingredients are perfect for dry skin.Honey has naturally hydrating properties, with regular use it can make your skin baby soft and plump.The anti-inflammatory properties present in Milk can really help remove flakiness and itchiness from the skin also providing nourishment without making it excessively oily.
  • Using Aloe Vera is one of the best options to get rid of dry , itchy skin.It has great healing and hydrating properties that repair the skin and helps retain moisture.
  • Using Lemon and Sugar Scrub will help you exfoliate your skin so that all the dead skin and flakiness can go away.Just mix both ingredients in 1:2 ratio and nicely scrub your face.
  • Last Thing , Keep drinking lots of water because the body and skin need hydration from within.

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