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Grow Your Lashes Naturally By Using These Two Oils !


We all absolutely love long , voluminous, defined ,thick amazing looking lashes and for that we coat our lashes with loads of mascara or even falsies.But there are ways in which you can naturally grow the lashes and make them look just on point.

  • Olive Oil: Olive oil fastens the growth of your eyelashes and even provides them good nourishment.Apply olive oil to your lashes using a thin brush or even an ear bud and let it be overnight , wash it off next morning.Follow this method religiously and you will definitely see great results.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut is like a miracle oil and is amazing for our skin in so many ways. One amazing benefit of coconut oil is that it greatly helps in growing your lashes without any kind of side effects.Coconut Oil is said to stimulate eyelash growth and make them voluminous defined,something we all crave for .Use this oil every day for a few months on the lashes using an ear bud and you will see a huge change in the way your lashes were before.

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