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Hot! 5 Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsules For Beautiful Skin!


Vitamin E is a nutrient full of miraculous wonders that can rejuvenate our health and beauty. Taking Vitamin E capsules is considered good for health benefits. But very few are aware that this nutrient is amazing for skin and hair health when it is directly applied on the affected areas.

Here are few ways you can use Vitamin E capsules :

Chapped Lips: 

Open a vitamin E capsule and apply to your chapped lips.  Alternatively, you could even add it your DIY lip balms or your store-bought lip balm jars to add some vitamin E goodness and benefit!


You can make a face toner using rose water and Vitamin E capsules. All you need to do is to take an empty spray bottle add rose water to it, prick 2 vitamin E capsules and add the oil of capsule to rose water. Mix well and spray it on the face like a regular toner or you can use a cotton ball to apply it. Apply this everyday before bedtime to see good results.

Moisturizer for the skin

Mix a little Vitamin E liquid with your body lotion before applying it and it will keep your skin moisturized for a longer period of time. It will also even out any brown mark or dry skin patch. You can also pour some Vitamin E oil straight into your moisturizer bottle, shake it well, and apply the mixture daily. 

Anti-Aging Mask:

Vitamin E neutralises the skin-damaging free radicals, which in turn improves elasticity and fights wrinkles! Mix 1 vitamin E capsule gel with a few drops of olive oil. Massage into your skin in a circular motion for 5 minutes. Let it sit overnight. By morning, your skin will be supple, smooth and visibly radiant!

Under  Eye Night Gel:

Now, this technique is very effective. Pop open 1/2 vitamin E capsules depending on the area you want to apply on. All you need to do it to take half a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. These days it is easily available in market or you can pluck an aloe vera leaf and extract the pulp it. To this pulp you need to add half capsule of vitamin E and mix it well. Apply this gel everyday for 3 weeks to get best results.

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