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These Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Actors Are In Relationship Since 14 Years And They Will Give You Couple Goals!


Sahil Mihir Virani and Teesha Gautam Virani From Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi  aka Sandeep Baswana and Ashlesha Sawant are in relationship since 14 years. Their unique love story will give you serious relationship goals. The couple met each other on the sets of the show in 2002 but they have chosen not to formalize their bond by getting married. The two are comfortable in their cosy nest in suburban Mumbai, where they live-in together.

Both Sandeep and Ashlesha have similar thoughts, on relationship and marriage. Sandeep was quoted by saying, “A relationship should make your life easier. I have not told her, nor has she told me that ‘I will love you forever’, or ‘I am going to be there for you until the end of time’, but we will be together till there is love between us.”

Ashlesha also shared same thought and said,"I don’t need a signed piece of paper from a registered office. Security comes from within and not with diamonds, car or a marriage certificate. It comes from a connection with your soulmate. I was obsessed with him and used to get insecure when I met him as a teenager. It’s no longer the case now.” 

You Can't Miss These Cute Pictures Which Ashlesha Shared On Her Instagram:
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A post shared by Ashlesha (@ashleshasavant) on

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They look lovely together, and we have to agree that they are giving us some serious relationship goals!

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