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3 Best Ubtans For Brides To Be To Get Glowing Gorgeous Skin !


Ubtans are like this age old beauty treatments that have literally going since you know the " king & queen " times . Ubtans are said to make the skin glow , make it smooth , soft and look gorgeous.  In India Ubtans have been very famous and the bride is asked to put a different variety of Ubtans to look naturally gorgeous and why not It's the fairytale moment of every girl . Ubtans are even used by a lot of grooms as well .

Down Below am listing 3 amazing Ubtans that are tried and tested by me before my wedding and it made my skin glow and also made it look flawless.

  • MILK POWDER UBTAN : This is a very very famous and very well used Ubtan by many Indian brides to be . This one is super nourishing as well . For this Ubtan you will need  MILK POWDER, GRAM FLOUR,TURMERIC,MILK CREAM,LEMON JUICE and ROSE WATER. Mix 2 tablespoons each of milk powder,gram flour , to this add a pinch of turmeric powder . Now add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, milk cream and rose water . Apply this ubtan all over your face and body and give it a gentle massage as well , let the ubtan dry for some time and then wash it off with lukewarm water . Apply this Ubtan atleast thrice a week to get a gorgeous looking amazing skin .
  • GRAM FLOUR & WHEAT BRAN UBTAN : If you want to have a blemish free skin with a beaming glow before your big day then this is the ubtan you need to apply . For this you will need GRAM FLOUR, WHEAT BRAN, CURD and Turmeric. All you have to do this mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and make a nice paste of it , you could even add some rose water depending on the consistency you would like . Apply this all over your face and body and let it dry , then while massaging remove it with cold water . Do this thrice a week.
  • SANDALWOOD UBTAN :  Sandalwood ubtan works like magic for all brides to be . It's a great way to remove blemishes, tan , it enhances the complexion , makes the skin glow as well . This is my personal favourite ubtan as it did wonders to my skin .For this you will need  SANDALWOOD POWDER, GRAM FLOUR,TURMERIC.RAW MILK.ROSE WATER. Just mix milk to sandalwood powder, gram flour and turmeric , Mix these ingredients very well to form a smooth paste . Now apply this ubtan all over your face and body , let it dry and then wash it off with cold water . Do this at least twice a week.

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