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EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Winget Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage Current Relationship Status And More!


Actor Karan Singh Grover is known for his good looks and casanova image that he has managed to maintain till date. The actor, who was previously married to Jennifer Winget and Shraddha Nigam, got married to Bipasha Basu last year. Do you guys remember, When Bipasha liked the Instagram post of Jennifer? Well, it grabbed many eyeballs. In a recent interview to TOI, 

Jennifer Opened Up On Her Failed Marriage With Karan Singh Grover:
She said,"Failed is too harsh a term to refer to something you gave your best to, and tried hard at. It has not left me disillusioned. We should never close our doors on love. Why should it be restricted to a companion? There is no lack of love in my life. In fact, I have never been this happy and loved. I am in love all the time. Talking about marriage, it is a beautiful institution and it’s amazing if two people want to be together. However, the decision has to be mutual; it’s team work.” 

When Bipasha Liked Her Photo On Social Media People Called Her Stalker:
"Yes, so I heard. I don't know why a lovely, casual gesture by her became headlines and was turned into some sort of an investigation. I don't think it was fair to write so much about it."
She also added,"Fortunately or unfortunately, we are connected in some way. I can't say what made her unlike it later. All I can say is, we have moved on way beyond and are in a better space now. So, let things be."

If She Will Be UnComfortable Meeting With Bipasha And Karan?:
"Absolutely not. If somebody is good to me, I'll reciprocate. What's the harm? If somebody says 'hello' to me, I won't turn my back on them. I know Karan, so why will I not say a 'hi'?"

Is She In Touch With Her In Laws?:
"Unfortunately, no. I am so busy that I barely get to see my own parents. Also, they live in Delhi. But I love them a lot, as they have given me so much love. I will always have the fondest memories of them. They are the most amazing people I have met. They still love me, I know that."

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