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Find Out Why Mira Rajput Thinks Shahid Kapoor Is A Boring Husband!


Shahid and Mira make for an adorable couple at IIFA Green carpet. Their candid romantic pictures were captured perfectly. In the press conference, Shahid accepted that Mira thinks he is a boring husband. He said,"My wife thinks I'm a boring husband because I've been working for the past three days. She's like, 'You've come all the way and you have no time.' But having said that we'll get a couple of days off when IIFA is over. She has been kind to take care of Misha on her own and allow me to take care of my work, but we're hoping to spend some more time in the coming days."

Mira also got candid and talked about how she is spending time with Misha. She said,"I've been taking Misha around, showing her NYC, showing her Central Park and museums. Shahid has joined us on a couple of occasions." 

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