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"I Don't Think Shahid Need To Councel Me Or Give Me Advice" Mira Rajput!


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput make for an adorable couple. Today, the couple is celebrating their second wedding anniversary. In a recent interview to Hindustan Times when Mira was asked if the constant media attention bothers her, On this she replied,"I am very secure being the kind of person I am and values that I stand for. My principles are well ingrained in me because I have been brought up in a certain way. As for the daily scrutiny, everybody has a right to their opinion, the way I have. One must draw a line when that opinion becomes judgement." 

She also said that Shahid is supportive of her,"Shahid is a very strong pillar of strength. He is always there and has always supported me. I don’t think I have ever crumbled, and since I am very secure, these things don’t really bother me. Whenever he sees that something is beginning to affect me, he always brushes it off and that’s his best quality. He loves me and wants me to love myself for who I am. So, he makes sure that I don’t question myself. I don’t think he needs to counsel me or give me advice. Knowing that he has my back, I can speak my mind freely." 

Aww! Happy Anniversary Guys 

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