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Makeup Trends Worth Stealing From IIFA 2017 !


IIFA Awards saw some amazingly gorgeous looks that definitely made our heads turn and made us go gaga over our talented celebrities.

Here are Some handpicked makeup looks, that we absolutely loved and you all can totally take inspiration from them!

  • Bipasha's Bold Look: Bipasha Basu Grover looked so hot, I absolutely loved her whole attire, makeup, and hair. She sported a very sexy bold makeup paired along with a very sexy blood red lip shade. Her bold eye smokey look just killed it. She had a statement black and brown smokey eye, The outer corner has been specifically kept bolder with very well defined and voluminous eye lashes. Bipasha had very done up eyebrows and they made her makeup look even better . I absolutely loved the lip color, it added a sexy color to her black and dark makeup look. Definitely a worth steal. 
  • Disha Patani:  Disha Patani looked super pretty in her very sexy dress and her makeup was very trendy. I loved the super different blue eye shadow with a tinge of silver towards the inner corner, It looked great and added that color with her monotone shade dress. Disha also sported a very dewy glowy makeup look, with the base makeup kept very natural, She also had a beautiful tinge ofblush.lush . The lip color was a very pretty with pinkish toned shades and looked very subtle .
  • Tapsee Pannu : This woman of the year had a very edgy and a different look . Her hair looked so sexy, the curls made such a huge statement, Tapsee"s makeup was so dewy and bright looking, Her eye makeup was kept very subtle with a tinge of silver eyeshadow, the eye lashes were very well defined and also pretty voluminous , even the lip color was subtle , the lip shade was not completely matte , she had a lip gloss on  definitely .
  • Sonakshi Sinha: I guess this was the first time we have seen Sonakshi all so glammed up, Her makeup just literally killed it. She looked gorgeous in every way.  Sonakshi had a gorgeous shade of golden with a brown transition shade , Her eyes looked so amazing , i loved this look way too much .  She had a very thin line of eyeliner, keeping it very close to the eyes , and the eye lashes  were exaggerated. They were very bold and separated, I loved the eye lash look , it made such a huge difference in her makeup look .  A good amount of highlight has been used  to give a gorgeous glow to her skin, The face has been seamlessly contoured and she definitely has a very   good amount of highlighting concealer on the high points of her face.  I love the lip color that she sported,  it's a soft pink Burgundy shade mixed lip color that complimented her look very well.
  • Alia Bhatt : Alia looked nothing less than a princess, Like a gorgeous black swan inspired gown, She looked magical definitely.  The statement was her bold and sexy Smokey eye, that was just nailed to perfection.  Like her eye makeup was smokey eyes on point. It looked so gorgeous on Alia and with her beautiful gown .Statement black and brown shades were used to create this look , The face makeup was done up very naturally, the contouring was natural yet giving a good shape to her cheekbones, and a very subtle blush is going on . I love the way the eye brows have been made , like totally wild .  Alia defnitely had a very pretty nude lip color , that put her whole makeup look in sync . She nailed it at IIFA definitely. 

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