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Makeup Tutorial : Sexy Purple & Pink Eyes ! Glam Party Look !


Hey everyone, this post is about this makeup look , that's colorful and trendy. It's definitely something that you can carry off at a lot of different occasions.

See The Full Video Tutorial here :

  •  For this look , I started with my eyes first , also used a tape so that the edges and look is more clean and I personally feel comfortable with this .  
  • The first shade I took was a Matt Brown shade from my Sivanna Bronzed Professional Platte .i used it as my Crease and transition shade .
  • Next, I went ahead with my absolute favorite Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angles Palette and First I used a Gorgeous slightly shimmery shade of purple starting from the middle and taking towards the outer corner of my eyes . I just placed it and slowly intensified the color. 
  • Once the purple shade looked pretty , I went ahead with a  bright Pink shade from the palette . I placed  it from the middle to the inner corner of my eyes . 
  • After this, I blended both the shades together and even re touched my Transition shade .
  • Once I was happy with the eye shadow, I applied my eye liner and removed the tape.
  • For the eye lashes I used my Rimmel Wonderful Mascara ,and yes even curled my lashes so that the eye lashes look well defined.
  • Moving on to the face First thing I did was use primer. For this look, I used my Pac Pore Separation cream. It really helps my skin look much smoother and the pores appear smaller.
  • I also color corrected a bit using the LA girl concealer in Orange . For the foundation, I went ahead with my MAC STUDIO FIX and used a beauty sponge to blend it all in .
  •   Once the foundation was done I used Mac studio fix concealer to get a more flawless look on my face.
  • To set everything I used a setting powder and baked for a little while, During that time I did my eyebrows using the Maybelline Brow Pomade.
  • Instead of dusting off the powder I just used my beauty sponge and pat it into my skin .
  • For a slight contour, I used the Sivanna Bronzed Professional Palette and took a brown shade to contour my cheekbones and also my chin area.
  • To add some highlight and color to my cheeks, I used the Freedom Pro Blush Palette.
  • I also used the Pink & Purple shades from the eye shadow palette to define my water line. I think this made the eye makeup look complete and more appealing as well .
  • For lips , I mixed two beautiful pink shades , one frm Nykaa paintstix, which I love to another level and another is a subtle pink shade from ELLE18 . 

So yeah , that's how I got this look , You can totally check out the video to understand it better ! 

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