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Sister Of The Bride! Make Sure Not To Do These 5 Big Mistakes On Your Sister's Wedding


Dear sister-of-the-bride!
We know you might be too excited seeing your sister get married, and finally getting the chance of being the Maid-of-Honour. While there are going to be days when you had to handle your sister's bridezilla mode and help her relax, you are also going to witness lot of wedding tamjham. However, no matter how well you plan, there are times when things go out of control and you have no clue what to do, just relax. So, all the fellow bridesmaid, here are few lessons that will help you sail through the wedding happily.

#1 Don't get your mehendi applied at the same time!
Make sure while the bride is applying the mehendi, you be with her to help her get things sorted, and help her relax, and deal together with her emotions. If all the bridesmaid will apply the mehendi together, the bride will be alone to do her own things and run around.

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#2 Don't forget to stock up extra wedding favours!
As bride's sister, if you are planning some customized wedding favours, then make sure to stock up some extra,  because you don't know what migIfht happen and who might turn up at the wedding.

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#3 Assign your brodsmaid for decor check!
Let your bros do some real work, and assign them for the last minute decor check. As you cannot do decor alone while getting ready, there needs to be someone to handle it.

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#4 Stick with the bride!
Try to keep the showstopper bride company at all time, because you don't know what emergency might come up.

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#5 Pre-book the salon for the ladies!
Make sure to ask the ladies who are staying whether they need a salon appointment or not and also who let someone in charge of getting their clothes ironed. 
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  1. Great Article! One important thing is I feel the bride's sister should avoid wearing the same colour as the bride herself.