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The Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer is out! This is what we think!


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The Jab Harry met Sejal trailer is out and this is what we thought!

As an avid follower of indian cinema, one only has to say ‘Imitiaz Ali’ and I am sold. But pair, the direction of Imitiaz with the acting of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and you get an experience such as Jab Harry met Sejal.

The trailer introduces Harry (Shah Rukh Khan), a some what frustrated punjabi tour guide. It seems like he is unsatisfied with his life and has given up the desire of anything better than his present. Sejal (Anushka Sharma) is a little harder to describe. She’s an oddly funny, loud yet attractive gujarati character. Having lost her engagement ring, she drags along a very reluctant Harry to help her find it. Together they start a journey of many adventures, with the aim to find the ring, but, as portrayed by Imitiaz, I believe they both will find something much deeper that is lost inside both of them.

Where Imitiaz has already won the battle, is that in the matter of less than 3 minutes, he has made us build a connection with both characters. As an audience, I laughed at Harry’s paradoxical and desperate statements to get out of helping Sejal, smiled at the cute moments shared between the characters and related directly to the rawness and realness of Sejal’s imperfections.

I can’t help but think of Imitiaz Ali’s Jab We Met however - little bit of a crazily unique, but totally entertaining and lovable girl loses her way and forces a not so interested guy to help her. The over all vibe of the story is seems very similar. If the movie is anything like Jab We Met, I am so super ready to watch this movie.

Imitiaz illustrates a some what deep concept in a fun, light hearted and relatable way. The songs are energetic, the cinematography seems wonderful, but what makes me want to watch this movie is the characters and their story.

The movie releases on the 4th of August, and I can not wait!

Check out the trailer here: 

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