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3 Easy DIY Ways To Clean Your Precious Gold Jewellery At Home!


One of the most difficult task for everyone is to wash off the dust from our real gold jewellery. But it's one of the most important task to keep our jewellery shiny and new for every occasion. Also, there is lot of risk in giving your gold jewellery to a shop for getting it clean. So, we researched and found these 5 tested ideas to clean the precious gold jewellery within the comfort of your home.

#1 Dish detergent!
It's one of the easiest way to to clean your gold jewellery. All you need to do is mix some liquid detergent with warm water and soak your jewellery in it for 15 minutes. Then further clean it with a soft toothbrush and rinse it in running water. Now, dry it with a soft cloth and then let it dry. 
Tip: Don't use this trick to clean your silver jewellery.

#2 Ammonia!
If liquid detergent didn't helped your piece to look shiny and clean, then don't worry. Use ammonia on it after few days. Mix one part of  ammonia with 6-7 parts of water, soak the jewellery for few seconds and take it out with a tong or  and rinse it in a running water. Dry it with a soft cloth.
Tip: Don't wash your jewellery frequently with ammonia. And if your jewellery has platinum or pearl in it, then don't use ammonia.

#3 Toothpaste!
Ok! You must have seen your parents washing their precious silver jewellery with a toothpaste. It's the easiest method to wash off your silver from all the dust and rust. Take toothpaste and dilute it with water and then clean your jewellery with a toothbrush. Don't keep it for long, and wash it thoroughly under running water.
Tip: Don't scrub your jewellery for a long time when cleaning it with toothpaste.

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