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3 Stunning Makeup Looks Sported By Aashka Goradia That Are Totally Worth Trying !


Aashka Goradia is one person who's really worth following on Instagram, She does some amazing makeup looks that can be practically worn and carried off. She has a really great for makeup, and colors as well.

Here are 3 Handpicked Makeup Looks, that are totally stunning and realistic.

  1. In this look , eyelashes do speak a lot louder than words, her makeup looks really gorgeous and she has worn the lashes that she is going to start a line with called Rene by Aashka. In this look, she has a super well-defined crease done by using a dark brownish shade , also the wing eye liner is just perfect. I love the eye lashes she wore and they are literally Bomb .  Aashka also has super well-defined brows which have been kept thick and perfect. Obviously the base game is flawless, her skin looks super clean and blended . The lip color she wore is totally worth a try and I feel the shade will look just perfect on any Indian Girl , the lip color has a gorgeous red shade with tones of pink in it . A very practical Makeup look that would look great with Indian Attires.
  2. In the second look her makeup looks very natural and skin like . She has next to nothing sort of an eye makeup concentrating on making the face look flawless, with a good amount of blush , to achieve the flushed pink cheeks and a bold lip color . This look can be carried off super easily for day time events, or a casual outing with family or friends. I love this look personally. 
  3. The third look is just So bold and edgy. Her eyes look dramatic and super sexy . With some flasies and a very bold and thick water line , She also has a beautiful peach blush going on and that went very well with the saree she wore, in this look she has a matte coral lipshade mixed with brown or nudes as well . This look is really sexy , and Indian women can definitely look so hot if they tried this one 

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