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7 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health !


Mental well being is sometimes considered more important, than physical well being, a lot of researchers have suggested that if you are mentally healthy, you tend to stay away from any kind of physical or health issues.There is always a continuous connection between the mind and body .You can nurture your mental well-being by modifying some of your regular routines. Try some of these simple lifestyle changes:

  • Break your routine: Routine limits brain stimulation. Introduce new foods or new ways of eating the same food. Try taking a different route to the grocery store or church.
  • Tend and befriend: Volunteering your time to help others has been documented to be beneficial to your health. The experience of bonding, nurturing and socializing releases hormones capable of suppressing anxiety and psychological stress responses.
  • Get good sleep: Good quality and quantity of sleep allow muscles and joints to rest and repair and provides the needed downtime for the brain to maintain good mental acuity.
  • Take your time: Slow down and smell the roses. Rushing around creates high anxiety. Taking your time and being more mindful supports the ability to focus and inhibit distractions, thereby maximizing cognitive ability.
  • Dance like there's no tomorrow: Older adults who get regular physical exercise are 60 percent less likely to get dementia. Exercise increases oxygen to the brain and releases a protein that strengthens cells and neurons. The dance involves all of the above along with the cerebral activity present in learning and memory.

  • Smile: Scientists suggest we can rewire our brains for a higher happiness set point by smiling, visualizing beautiful experiences and paying attention to the good things in life.
  • Laugh a lot: Some call it internal jogging -- the endorphins and dopamine released by the brain during laughter increase our sense of pleasure. Look for an opportunity for a good laugh. It turns out to be good medicine as a memory enhancer while adding to the quality of life.

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