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BRIDES! Avoid These 5 Mistakes Totally On Your Wedding Day


The moment wedding date is fixed, most of the brides go into Bridezilla mode. They want everything perfect from outfit to jewellery to functions. And in midst of all this forget lot of thing like relaxing and enjoying the process. So, we thought to help our lovely brides-to-be, and let them know 5 mistakes they should not make on their wedding day.

#1 Dieting!
We understand you want to lose weight and get into shape. but crash dieting won't help. Skipping meals will only make things worse. You will gradually become physically weak and your face will lose its glow. So, it's better to follow proper plan then opting for these crash diets.

#2 Don't compare!
Every wedding is different in their own way. Just because your best friend went for a destination wedding doesn't means you too have to. Rather spending money on the things to impress the society, spend it on what you love more and actually want.

#3 Buying a wedding outfit in a rush!
Don't say yes to any dress without looking at other factors like, weather, venue etc. Your wedding is the most important day in your life, don't ruin it just because you get your heart on a piece of cloth, that might not be good on your wedding day. Think wisely.
#4 Keep your options wide!
Don't be rigid, when it comes to shaadi shopping. Go with an open mind and heart. And do try and look what suits you best, rather then having a dream lehenga that you have imagined.
#5 Shoes!
Don't go for the highest heels, just because it's your wedding. Rather opt for something you are comfortable in walking. Try wearing it before your wedding, so that it fits you right. Also, go for comfortable heels. 

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