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Esha Gupta's Badass Reply To Haters Who Slut Shamed Her On Her Nude And Topless Photos Is A Must Read!


Esha Gupta grabbed everyone's attention with her bold photoshoot for lingerie brand. Topless pictures, bare bottoms and her uber hot lingerie picture have showcased her beautiful body with a confident smile. In a recent interview to TOI, she opened up on her bold photoshoot. She said," In our country, women are eternally blamed. They are accused when a girl child is born. They are even accused when they are raped. So, somewhere I knew that I will also have to face a lot of heat. After all, it's easy for some faceless and redundant people to pull a celebrity down at the first opportunity. I've done shoots like this one when I was a model. I have gone topeless and naked too.No one ever asked me about that. And who are these people who have issues with my pictures? It's my body and it's been shot aesthetically. There's a thin line which if you cross, you look vulgar. No one can say my pictures are vulgar. I got more love than hate, but it's better to be hated than to be forgotten."

She further added,"Men tend to have a problem if a woman goes bold. Their manhood is challenged. They are prudes, they must have even saved these pictures on their phone. And here we are in the country of Ajanta and Ellora and Kamasutra, objecting to a woman's photoshoot which she has done on her own will. So my attitude is s***w them, and that's the point I wanted to make. The pictures turned out so beautiful that I didn't want to hold them back. The thing is that I have been comfortable and confident about my body all along."

What a reply!! 

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