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GIRLS! Know Why Do Brides Wear Red & Other Wedding Questions That No One Ever Answers


The colour red is always seen as the married girls colour. At the age of six, when I first saw a bride, she looked like an Indian Goddess draped in a red lehenga and radiating the glow. While growing up I used to proudly say I will ditch the red and go for the pink, and my mom stubbornly used to tell me that red is the colour for Indian bride. It must have happened to all of you at some point in your life or will happen when you will try to ditch the traditional lane and go the modern way your parents had intervened. Anyway, no matter what your preference is, we at Weddingbytes is finally revealing why Indian brides wear red and other wedding questions that are parents failed to make us understand. 

Why do bride's wear red?
Colours hold an important part in Indian culture. And the colour red is considered as love and passion. Also, it is considered as the colour of rising sun, hence, a Hindu bride is told to wear a red colour during the wedding as it is for prosperity. 
Why do bride's wear a red Bindi?
The reason why girls wear lot of red bindis during wedding is because it is considered to be the charm of married women. Also, a black bindi are for single girls. It is believed to protect both husband and wife from any evil eye.
Why sindoor is Red?
While we all can ditch the traditional lane and opt for other colours in lehenga and choodha, we never try to experiment with the sindoor. The sindoor on the forehead of a women differentiates a married women from unmarried one. It is considered to be an element of honor and power. It marks the beginning of the new relation and instantly turns a girl in a lehenga to the lady of the house!

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