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GIRLS! Save These Saree Draping Tutorials For The Coming Wedding!


Accept it girls, most of are scared wearing a saree is because we don't know how to actually drape it. But we all love the six yard piece of elegance. And at some point in life, we do wish to wear a sexy saree with the stunning drape highlighting our curves in the most beautiful way. So, we thought of finding the most appropriate and easy DIY video for draping a saree step-by-step. No more staying at mercy of mummies to help you get one draped!

P.s: These videos are easy DIY videos that will help you tie your own six-yard piece!

Trust Mandira Bedi as she helps you in tying the most perfect saree in these easy steps!

Professional Saree draping stylist Dolly J's easy-to-style saree trick is perfect for the beginners like us!

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